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St Oswald’s Sports Crew 2017-2018

This year we have created a new sports crew school. Children volunteered from years 3, 4, and 5 at the start of the year and were given a sport to oversee during lunchtimes.  They are in charge of promoting that sport in school, getting children to participate in that club at lunchtimes and playtime, sorting out the teams for competitions, holding intra-competitions to help them choose the teams etc.

The Sports Crew would meet fortnightly/monthly to discuss how their sport was doing and other areas of sport in school. The members of the Sports Crew are Amelia, Jess, Josie, George, Isobel, Oliver, Noah, Megan, Maisie, Cerys, Leighton, Marshall, Joseph and Joseph.

Some of the things discussed at our first meeting were:

Our Role; Sorting and organising different sports during lunchtime on the playground, coaching younger children, listening to others and working as a team

What skills we need to be a member of the Sports Crew; Being determined, a good communicator, organised and prepared, being able to listen, being fair and a good team player.

After school clubs, participation and what clubs to have each half term.

Discussing what is a healthy lifestyle and how can we promote it.-; thorough exercise, eating a healthy balanced diet which contains lots of fruit, vegetables, fish and chicken.

Sports Crew Rota Spring Term 2018  

We have new members this term to our Sports Crew- welcome to Ola, Ole, and Macy.

Our Skipping Challenge– So we have set ourselves a New Year Challenge! for everyone in the school to learn to skip or to challenge themselves to double skip, skip backwards, etc by July 2018 when we will have a whole school Skipathon!

Change for Life ChampionsOur Change for Life Champions at our school are Isobel Crossley, Katelyn Titterton, Charlie Hathaway and Lily Walker. As a school we want to ensure our children are healthy and are able to make healthy choices. Our ‘Change for Life Champions’ will be helping children in school make healthy choices and will be organising information to be sent home. Keep looking out for this and see how you and your family cna make healthy choices this year! Which ways can you snack healthily?

Change for Life Campaign

The website shows different food choices we can make, healthy lunch boxes, ways to keep fit and active…. Take a look!

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