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We are affiliated to the QEG’s School Sport Events and the School Sports partnership

The events for 2018-2019 are as follows

  • September
    Monday 17th QEGS: Cross country

    Y1/2- 4pm

    Y3/4- 4.15pm

    Qual Y5/6- 4.30-6pm

    Thursday 27th QEGS: Fest: Y5/6 Hockey 3.45-5.30
    Wednesday 17th Y3/4 cheerfest @ Ashbourne leisure centre
    Monday 22nd QEGS: Y5/6 Tag rugby 12.45-3pm
    Tuesday 23rd KS1 personal best Ashbourne Leisure Centre 9.30-12.30
    Saturday 10th Y5/6 cross country event @ Ashbourne Recreational grounds
    Monday 26th QEGS: basketball Y5/6 12.45-3pm
    Wednesday 28th Y3/4 pentathlon @ QEGS 4-5.30pm
    Thursday 6th QEGS: basketball Y3/4 3.45-5.30pm
    Thursday 10th QEGS: Y5/6 gymnastics 3.45-5.30pm
    Monday 14th QEGS: Y1/2 Gymnastics 12.45-3pm
    Tuesday 15th Change 4 life @ Ashbourne Leisure Centre 9-12am
    Thursday 24th QEGS: Qual- Y5/6 sportshall athletics 12.45-3pm
    Thursday 31st QEGS: Fest: Y3/4 sportshall athletics 3.45-5.30pm
    Thursday 7th QEGS: fest: Y3/4 splash down Ashbourne leisure centre 12.45-3pm
    Monday 11th QEGS: fest: Y3/4 gymnastics 12.45-3pm
    Thursday 28th QEGS: Qual- Y5/6 Hi 5 netball 12.45-3pm
    Thursday 14th QEGS: Fest- Y3/4 netball 3.45-5.30pm
    Friday 29th QEGS: Fest- Y5/6 orienteering 12.45-3pm @ Ash Rec
    Tuesday 2nd KS2 Springfest @ Ashbourne leisure centre 1-3pm
    Thursday 4th KS2 Dance festival Year 3
    Thursday 11th KS1 Dance festival Year 2
    Monday 29th QEGS: Y3/4 Tennis 12.45-3pm
    Tuesday 30th QEGS: Y1/2 Football 3.45-5.30pm
    Thursday 2nd QEGS: Y3/4 Football 3.45-5.30pm
    Wednesday 8th Y3/4 mini tennis @ QEGS 4-6pm
    Thursday 9th QEGS: Y3/4 orienteering @ Ashbourne Rec 12.45-3pm
    Friday 24th QEGS: Y5/6 Quad Kids 12.45-3pm
    Thursday 6th QEGS: Y5/6 Kwik cricket
    Thursday 13th Primary Cheerfest Day
    Monday 17th QEGS: Y3/4 Quad kids 12.45-3pm
    Thursday 27th QEGS: Y5/6 rounders 3.45-5.30pm
    Monday 1st QEGS: Y3/4 Rounders 12.45-3pm
    Friday 5th QEGS: Y1/2 Mini Olympics All day
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