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At times our children can get poorly and are unable to attend school.

If your child is ill we ask you to  phone in on the day of illness before 9am. There is always someone available in school to take your call from 7.30am. If the phone is not answered then please leave a message. If you have not contacted the school then the school office will contact you by 9.30am to establish a reason for your child’s absence.

The NHS suggests for parents to “Use common sense when deciding whether or not your child is too ill to attend school. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is my child well enough to do the activities of the school day? If not, keep your child at home.
  • Does my child have a condition that could be passed on to other children or school staff? If so, keep your child at home.
  • Would I take a day off work if I had this condition? If so, keep your child at home.”

If your child has vomited or had diarrhoea then 48 hours absence is required from the last bout of illness. This is advice taken from the school nursing team.

There are a number of illnesses which are contagious;Chicken pox, Impetigo, Scarlet fever. If your child has any of these illnesses then please ensure that any spots or rashes have healed before they return to school.

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