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Mrs Dawson

Welcome to Mrs Dawson’s Class page

Hello, I’m Mrs Dawson. Welcome to our class page

I teach Years 5 & 6 at St. Oswald’s CE Primary School, and I’m the maths lead. I have been a teacher here for 6 years.

Happy New Year to you all – 2019.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas

Spring Term 1

This  half term our topic is called ‘Alchemy Island. Click on the link below to find out what we are learning about.

Centre Pages KS2 Spring 1 ALCEHMY ISLAND 2018

Yesterday (Monday 14th January) an alchemist visited our school and dropped off a map, a key for the map and some specimen samples! He left us with a riddle to solve and told us that we had to create a portal to transport us to Alchemy Island, and when we solved the riddle we would know where the portal took us to.


This afternoon (Wednesday 15th January) we went outside into the Wildlife Garden to create our own portals from natural materials. We had great fun transporting the lego man to the fantasy island of ‘Alchemy Island’. Even the chickens, (Gladis, Marjorie and Phyllis) tried to enter our portals!!!

Portals to Alchemy Island

On Tuesday 8th January, we were all very inspired by an author who visited St. Oswald’s. Caryl Hart, from Derbyshire, visited our school and read us some of the stories she had written and told us her love of writing developed from being uninspired by the stories she was reading to her children. Her husband dared her to write a better one, so she did!

We are currently reading many books written by Michael Morpurgo so we have been inspired to research about his life. As a result we have written autobiographies as though we were Michael Morpurgo which are now displayed in the school hall.


This half term (Autumn 2) our topic is ‘The Solar System’

Click on the link below to access what we are learning about.

Centre Pages KS2 Autumn 2 STARGAZERS 2018


This afternoon we have been learning about how big each planet is in comparison to the sun and how far away each planet is from the sun. We measured the actual distance (in km’s) from a chart and represented it using toilet paper!! See the photos below. Year 5 and 6 asked lots of spiritual questions about the universe, such as…’If God created the Earth, why is the sun going to die out and destroy it?’

During our First week back after October we were learning about the Battle of Britain and why it was a significant turning point in the history of World War II. The children researched this for homework and presented it in many wonderful ways. Take a look at our historic, informative homework. Well done everyone!!

Autumn 1 –  our topic was ‘Ancient Egyptians’

Click on the link below to see what we are learning in Autumn 1We had a great time on Tuesday looking at real mummies in the Derby Museum and Art Gallery, we even met a real ancient Egyptian lady! She explained all about the process of mummification and one child was lucky enough to be mummified!! We got to dress up as ancient Egyptians and made clay shabits that the ancient Egyptians used to take with them into the afterlife. Photos have been uploaded onto twitter for you to look at.

Centre Pages KS2 Autumn 1 PHAROAHS 2018

In art we have been making the death mask of Tutankhamen with the help of Tim Baker, our local artist in resident. We have enjoyed putting our creative talents to great use.


The Tutankhamun masks are finished……..the children have done a wonderful job!

In September we visited the Derby Museum and Art Gallery to bring our learning about Ancient Egypt to life. We were lead round the exhibits by an Ancient Egyptian who showed us real mummies, talked about the process of mummification and we had the opportunity to make a shabit out of clay, which Egyptians used to put in their sarcophagus to take with them to the afterlife. It was a fantastic morning and consolidated everything we had been taught in class. Have a look at the photos below.

Mr Sadula, a teaching student, will be working alongside me with Year 5 & 6.


This term;

Wednesday afternoons – in the Leisure Centre with Mrs Higton

Please remove earrings before all lessons and ensure long hair is tied up)

Tuck shop

A healthy snack is available each day at the tuck shop, run by the children. Snacks are 20p per day. We encourage children to bring £1 on Monday where possible.


Spelling homework will be handed out every Friday to learn for a spelling test the following Friday.

Times tables will be handed out every Friday to learn for a test the following Friday. Please learn them in a random sequence.If your child scores 10 or more out of 12 on their times table test they will move onto the next times table. If not, they will be asked to learn the same times table as last week.

Maths and English

Every week a piece of Maths and English will be handed out which consolidates what we have been learning in class. This should be handed in by Thursday please.


Have I got news for you…..Every week one child prepares a 5 minute presentation of their choice to present to the class. So far we have learned about….

Jujitsu, Ancient Egypt, Family trees and optical illusions!!!

Thank you



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