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Mrs Massey and Mrs Higton

Welcome to our class page we are your teachers.

I am Mrs Massey and I work Monday- Wednesday

In the classroom we are supported by our Teaching Assistants- Mrs Richmond every Morning, Miss Smith every Morning and Mrs Murphy daily.

Miss Smith
I am Mrs Higton. I teach in the year 1/2 class on a Thursday and Friday.

PE is taught on a Monday morning and on a Thursday afternoon.

Your children are heard to read individually once a week and within a guided group read once a week.

Spellings are tested on a Monday morning.



We celebrated Harvest- we spoke to the congregation about; ‘why it is important to say thank you.’



This half term our Topic is

Muck, Mess and Mixtures


Children will be learning how everyday materials change when water is added.  The children will make their own predictions before mixing with water.  We will be testing different soap products to see which creates the best bubbles and separate mixtures using different techniques such as sieving and dissolving.



We will be tasting food from around the world and considering texture, taste and flavour, recording our findings and discussing the importance of hygiene.  We will also be looking at recipes and predicting what will happen to food as it is heated and cooled.  We will be dying fabric using different food as colouring.



We will be focusing on sections of vibrant artwork and mixing paint to different shades.  We will look at the famous artist Andy Warhol and create a piece of class artwork in a similar style.

Our Class Artwork Inspired by Andy Warhol
Class Display

We have loved our muck, mess and mixtures topic.  In Science we have been separating mixtures.







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