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Mrs Massey and Mrs Higton

Welcome back to our class page, on here you will find ways to stay in touch with us and all the home learning planning and resources you might need. Look below to see some of the photos you have sent in to us!  Take  a look at my You Tube channel to hear me telling some stories to keep you entertained.  

If you would like to send me any photos of your work or send me a message about how you are getting on, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at-

I look forward to hearing from some of you soon! 

I haven’t set any timetabled work for the Easter holiday but I have got a bit of a creative project for you to have a go at whilst you’re munching on your Easter eggs!

Easter Project

Here is a weekly plan for week beginning 30/3/2020

Year 2 Home Learning Week 2

And here are some documents that will help you with your learning this week:

Monday Maths PP    Monday Maths Worksheet

Tuesday Maths PP    Tuesday Maths Worksheets    Tuesday Matching Activity    PE Tuesday

Wednesday Math PP

Thursday Maths PP    Thursday Sort 3D Shapes Worksheets    Thursday LRRH Text    Thursday Character Description

Friday Maths PP    Friday 3D Shape Patterns




Hayden and his sister enjoying one of our stories.


Tillie and Joey enjoying their hard work!


Joey’s baking








Hayden’s character description of the wolf




Eva’s super shape work



Having fun making potions!
A super story from Eva




























If you looking for any extra ideas you could use to support your child’s learning on a daily basis, here are just a few;


  • Spellings; continue to look at all previous spelling patterns taught in class and practice the year 1 and 2 common exception word spellings (you can find these online) also the website Phonics Play has free phased phonics resources and games from phase 2-6 just use the username:march20 and password: home
  • Thinking about the last story we shared ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, can you retell the story using openers, conjunctions, adverbs and expanded noun phrases and similes? You might even produce a comic strip using speech bubbles or a story map/ journey.
  • Perhaps you could create a leaflet for visitors and tourists to Ashbourne telling them about our town’s history and its important features.
  • Try creating 4 sentences that link to anything you like….maybe your pet dog? For example; Question- Why do dogs pant? Command- Fetch his lead. Statement- My dog Ozzy likes to run in the park. Exclamation- How loud his bark is!


  • Finding 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 3/4, 2/3 of shapes, objects and numbers.
  • The Top Marks maths website has some great interactive maths games – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value, halves and doubles, fractions and time.
  • On Corbett Maths there are videos and work sheets.
  • BBC Bite size has good maths coverage and videos.



  • Continue to focus on reading fluency by reading familiar texts. Encourage children to answer questions and retrieve information as well as use inference- ideas for questions can be found on the reading section of our website.
  • The author Oliver Jeffers is reading one of his book every day on his website:
  • You can continue to support your reading at home by using this fabulous website: you can search for suitable texts using the coloured band that your child is currently reading. There are lots of books you can read with questions to answer. These are a great way to share and improve your reading skills at home. The list of the Key Stage 1 book bands in order are: pink, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, turquoise, purple, gold, white, lime.
  • How fantastic Amazon are supporting and providing children everywhere with free audible books! imaginary worlds will the stories you listen to take you?


  • R.E.
    Here is a suggestion to make and Easter Garden over the next couple of weeks. You could even make and Easter Bonnet, or an Easter Card to send to a friend or relative. Create your own Easter Garden



  • BBC Bite size has fun science activities.


  • P.E.
    Joe Wicks has his own You Tube Page and at 9am every morning he will be leading a PE Lesson you can do in your house with your children. Let’s keep as fit and active as we can during this time.
  • On You Tube there are also lots of free videos you can watch of children’s meditation and yoga-well worth a watch to help sooth busy minds.
  • Home Activity Challenges (1) The Schools Sports Partnership have created a fun timetable of different activities you could do at home.


Finally, more than anything else- just enjoy being together! Play games, make up new ones, talk and discuss, have debates, share stories, watch films, put on shows, act out your favourite stories, dance, sing, bake, tell jokes, get out in the garden on a bug hunt. This is a completely unexpected time (that we hopefully won’t ever have enforced upon us again!) so if your children have had enough learning it’s absolutely fine to do something fun and to make the most of the time you have together.

Stay well, take care of each other and we will see you as soon as we possibly can,

Mrs Massey, Mrs Higton and Mrs Morgan


Welcome to our class page we are your teachers.

I am Mrs Massey and I work Monday- Wednesday

In the classroom we are supported by our Teaching Assistant- Mrs Yeomans, every Morning.

I am Mrs Higton. I teach in the year 1/2 class on a Thursday and Friday.

PE is taught on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

We hear children read individually once a week and within a guided group read once a week, we change books on Mondays and Fridays.

Spellings are tested on a Friday morning.




Spring Term 2019

Our Topic Map for this half term can be found here; Spring 1 Overview (1)































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