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At St Oswald’s C.E. Primary School English is identified as a stand alone subject as well as it being an essential component of all curriculum areas. We aspire to provide a wealth of experiences to develop the ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing and to listen with understanding. Reading is positively promoted through a wide selection of books and other reading material and resource material. this allows the children to become confident, enthusiastic and responsive readers.

English is taught daily as discreet lessons and reading skills are taught during the Class E.R.I.C time- Everyone Read In Class. Guided Reading sessions are part of our daily literacy lessons. A teacher will share a text and scaffold the discussion with a group of similar ability children.


The following websites are recommended in supporting children in all areas of English.  Different spelling, punctuation and grammar games  A great spelling activity for children  A collection of recordings of poets reading their own works, with texts.



Reading is a window of opportunity into so many different worlds. We encourage all children to read aloud to an adult and to share books at home regularly.

The recommended reading lists from the National Literacy Trust;

Books with Hooks   these books are recommended lists for 5-8 year olds and 9-12 year olds.



At St Oswald’s we believe oracy and the spoken language is key. We use the Talk 4 Writing approach to support our children to become writers. exposing them to a wide range of genres and written forms. Writing should be an enjoyable experience. To engage the children in writing we use ‘hooks’, this gives the children a purpose for which to write.

A ‘hook’ to introduce The Little Red Riding Hood Tale.


Handwriting is developed in year 1 children begin to join in year 1 using a cursive script. Handwriting is practiced weekly and by Key stage 2 it is our aim that the children have adopted a fluent cursive style of handwriting.


English Policy January 2019 (1)




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