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Forest Schools

Forest School at St Oswald Primary School
Since the summer of 2018 we have been lucky enough to have our own forest school run by a qualified Level 3 Forest School Practitioner in the Wildlife Garden. We have set up a log circle that we use as our base camp and we go out in all weathers (except severe winds). If it is wet we put up a canopy and wear our wet weather clothing and boots.

What is forest schools?

Forest School is a holistic learning process, that offers all learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees.

What do the children do?

Every week is different at forest school but we do develop a special forest school routine. Once at our woodland site the children sit down for a calm discussion often about what happened last time they were in the woods and then about the session ahead. Children learn new skills and develop existing ones. Examples of activities the children will experience include fire building and lighting, campfire cooking, shelter building , nature crafts, using woodland hand tools (e.g. bow saws), wildlife and sensory activities, team building and trust games—and of course drinking hot chocolate!

We asked the children what they thought about their forest school experience and this is what they said:-
Our most memorable moments

• Playing games such as 1, 2 3 Where are you ? (our version of hide and seek), bat and moth, Foxes and fawns
• Having hot chocolate and biscuits around the campfire
• Singing the forest school song
• Listening to and making up stories
• Making pancakes and popcorn on the campfire
• Making dens with our friends
Things I learnt
• How to build dens and fires
• How to be kind to each other
• To have fun with my friends
• To have a go (don’t give up!)
How did forest school make you feel?
Happy, excited, over the moon!, sometimes nervous /shocked (trying something new), amazed, joy, fantastic
By attending Forest School we hope the children at St Oswald’s will develop a lifelong love and understanding of the natural world.

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