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Remote Learning

‘Learning and Growing Together’

Blended Learning Strategy

September 2020

Ratified by Governors 21st September 2020

Reviewed; January 2021


It is the intention of St Oswald’s to have a clear Blended Learning Strategy which supports pupils’ learning, giving them access to high quality remote educational resources and face to face contact with teaching staff

What will our Blended Learning Approach look like?

At St Oswald’s we are acutely conscious of the pressures on pupils, teachers, and families to access learning and provide learning through different mediums. The access and reliability to secure internet connection varies across the school building and across households. We are also aware that if families or bubbles go into Lockdown then there may be pressure when sharing hardware.

  • We will use power points, pre recorded videos/explanations will be put on the portal
  • We will set daily and weekly learning objectives and assignments
  • We will create meaningful and ambitious learning.
  • We will set realistic submission dates for remote work.
  • We will use Google Classrooms to allow children and the teacher to communicate securely.







We will communicate in the following way;

  • Correspondence from Mrs Wood and Mrs Wright will be via email and letters will be put on the school Website.
  • Each class has a website page. Information will be put on the class website page.
  • Google Classrooms will be used to set learning and learning activities and will enable children and staff to communicate.
  • Teachers will email and respond to emails about learning.
  • If the whole class bubble goes into lock down then the class teacher will arrange two whole class MS Teams meetings fro puils to join to socialise and communicate with their peers.

How will we achieve this?

How will we deliver? What will this look like? What resources will we need? How will teachers provide feedback and check the work? Cost
G Suite

Google Classrooms

Work can be posted by the teacher.

Children can then send work back in for feedback from the teacher

CPD from CBC computers who will help set this up.

You Tube channels support

Work will be sent in via G Suite for staff to monitor and check.

Feedback will be given

Grant received for £1500 to set this up


Videos provided by the teacher which will provide frequent , clear explanations of new content. Short 10 minute videos of learning can be posted- either via G suite or the website or sign posting to videos


Use of White Rose Maths teaching videos



Time and video recording equipment Work needs to be posted via G Suite in order for staff to give feedback Done within the school day/time.

No cost- done using phones or iPad to record

MS Teams (When in full lockdown) A chance to have a socialisation time on line MS Teams, Computer

Staff meeting CPD to recap what to do

This is an opportunity for teachers to check on pupils well being twice a week none Children are signposted to complete assessments following learning Staff and Pupil Access to Teachers can access and see what the pupils are completing Cost of license How much?
Phonics Play Children are signposted to complete activities Staff and Pupil Access to phonics play Cost of license How much?
BBC Bite size Children are signposted to listen to information to gain further knowledge Staff and Pupil Access to Internet No cost
Oak Academy Online lessons can be used to support the curriculum being delivered Staff and Pupil Access to the internet No cost
TT Rock stars Children have their own log in and can sign in Staff and pupil access the site Cost of the license


Each class teacher will sign post pupils to specific websites which will be relevant to their learning.

Curriculum and Daily Expectations

We expect

  1. Reading; Pupils to read every day.

In EYFS and Year 1 and 2 pupils will have access to Oxford reading tree books via In Key Stage 2 (years 3-6) pupils will have their won free reader book as well as Comprehension activities- free reading could comprise of a fiction or non fiction book, magazines, news articles, etc…

  1. Exercise; Pupils to exercise for at least half an hour a day- this could be an activity in the garden, following a You Tube video from Disney, or Yoga, Joe wicks or even an activity devised at home.
  2. Mental Health and Wellbeing; Pupils to take part in a pastoral or well being activity- this could be listening to music, meditating, drawing, colouring, an activity from the Anna Freud Website Further ideas and information can also be found on our school website;
  3. Completion of work; we expect the child to complete the work themselves, it is hard as a parent to want to do the work for your child in order for them to get it ‘right’ however this does not help your child in the long run. So where possible guide your child but allow them to be independent and ‘have a go’ themselves.
  4. Timetables: Each class teacher will put a weekly Timetable on Google Classrooms and on the school website page. The timetable will indicate how long the teacher feels each learning activity will take. Remember learning activities vary from EYFS to Year 6.


What do we need to consider?

What if our pupils do not have access to technology?

If our pupils do not have access to technology, we have already requested information to ascertain who needs improved internet access. They will then be provided with support to gain improve internet access via the Local Authority.

Google classrooms can be accessed via an android tablet, phone, laptop, PC, etc.

If our pupils struggle or are unable to access learning via technology, we will provide them with learning packs to complete and return to school.

How do we support parents in this process?

A parent’s guide has been published to support their child accessing ‘Google Classrooms’. This will be emailed out to all families and

The learning will have clear objectives and clear success criteria for the child and the parent so that they know what the outcome should be. The parent or child will then upload their work using a lap top, smart device in a  jpeg (picture) word, power point or PDF format in order for the teacher to monitor the outcomes and the learning taking place and then the teacher will be able to give feedback.

What if pupils do not access the work via G suite or paper copies?

Using G Suite teachers will have a greater capacity to monitor the work each child is completing at home and give them feedback. If pupils are not completing online learning then teachers will contact the parent to ask what help they require, to ascertain why the children are not completing the online learning.

Online Safety.

We expect Pupils to follow the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ that they signed at the beginning of the Academic Year. If Pupils feel worried or anxious or parents come across any online behaviours which make them feel uncomfortable then it is essential to report this to Mrs Wood or their Class teacher. We expect our pupils to respect everyone online. To not use language which is offensive and to not bully any other pupils online.

Our Online Policy and sign posting to different support websites can be found here;


What will Blended Learning look like across the school?

EYFS Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
Play based curriculum with clear opportunities for focused guided play supplemented by specific learning objectives with clear learning outcomes.


This will be posted by the School website

Year 1- a Play based curriculum with clear opportunities for focused guided play supplemented by specific learning objectives with clear learning outcomes

Year 2- following the normal timetable and sequence of lessons via Google classroom

Following the normal timetable and sequence of lessons via Google classroom
Sign posted to specific websites Sign posted to specific websites Sign posted to specific websites


How we will support SEND pupils?

The individual SENTA’s will support pupils who have an EHC plan and the class teacher will support those who are School Action  and School Action plus.

What happens if we go into complete lockdown again?

If we go into complete lockdown again then all our learning for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 1 will be via Google Classrooms.

EYFS learning will be via the school website- Mrs Mansfield’s EYFS class page.

If we do go into complete Lock down again then MS Team meetings will take place weekly- 10am on a Monday and 2pm on a Thursday. This will enable teacher to monitor children’s well being and home learning as well as providing children with the opportunity to ask clarification questions relating to their home learning.


Who will lead Key Worker Bubbles?

In the event of going into a second lockdown and the home learning received being taught via an e-learning platform- namely Google Classrooms. Teaching Assistants will have more responsibility in leading Key Worker Bubbles. The class teacher will remain in their won classroom space and have the specific Key worker children of the year group they teach.


Letter to parents; 2020 10 05 Remote Learning – Letter to Parents (1)

Remote Learning Policy; 2020 10 Remote Learning – Policy (1)

Online Learning Policy;Online-Safety Policy updated Febraury 2021





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