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During the Covid 19 outbreak and the school’s closing, we are looking at ways in which we can keep active , healthy and fit.

Joe wicks is leading his own PE Lesson on his You Tube channel between 9 and 9.30. this is daily. Join in, it is lots of fun.

The Schools Sports Partnership have created a fun timetable of different activities you could do at home. Home Activity Challenges (1)

You could have family fitness on a Saturday where you create  a fun games day in your garden- Volley ball, throwing games, netball, obstacle courses, speed bounce, etc…


St Oswald’s Sports Crew 2019-2020

Some children from year 3-6  have chosen to support organising sport during lunchtimes; the sports crew and offer lunchtime activities for their peers.  They are in charge of promoting that sport in school, getting children to participate in that club at lunchtimes and playtime, sorting out the teams for competitions, holding intra-competitions to help them choose the teams etc.

The Sports Crew would meet fortnightly/monthly to discuss how their sport was doing and other areas of sport in school.  The children have chosen to deliver; Athletics, Football and Tag Rugby, basket ball and hockey

Some of the things discussed at our first meeting were:

Our Role; Sorting and organising different sports during lunchtime on the playground, coaching younger children, listening to others and working as a team

What skills we need to be a member of the Sports Crew; Being determined, a good communicator, organised and prepared, being able to listen, being fair and a good team player.

Mrs Wood and St Oswald’s School are also partners of the new Sports Pavilion Project based in Ashbourne.

Sport After School

We promote a love and life long passion for sport- as many different sports as possible.

At Ashbourne Leisure centre the following sporting activities are available;

Monday- Athletics, Ju Jitsu and Gymnastics

Tuesday; Tae Kwon-do, Kick boxing

Wednesday; Ju- jitsu, Gymnastics


Friday; Roller disco, Taekwon-do, junior squash

Saturday; Speed skating

Sunday; swim club


We are registered with the English Schools Athletics Association and Year 5 and 6 childnre have had the opportunity to try many indoor events wiht a local coach. aome children have reached, bronze, silver and gold and are able to gain an athletics badge. they will keep working on this each week.

We have joined with Ashbourne Squash club and the children are experiencing squash.


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