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Information in this section is to ensure that we are all safe and are following and adhering to Safe Working Practices.


24th September Update

As you know COVID 19 is still extremely prevalent and there have been a number  cases within our local community.

After being back at school  for 3 full weeks we are identifying elements of health and safety rules at school that we need to tweak and change.

 We would like you to adhere to the following. This is so that we keep each other safe.


  1. Firstly please can ALL parents adhere to the social distancing rule. Please stand at a distance from each other on the playground and when waiting on the pavement, adjacent to the church.  Keep your children by your side.   Please do not allow them to run around on the gravestones.  We have received a number of complaints from the public, quite rightly stating that it is  disrespectful.
  2. Please wear a mask when on the playground.  The Government are tightening the guidelines and rules and whilst they haven’t specifically mentioned schools we know that all shops, restaurants, cafes are now expecting everyone to wear a mask.  We believe that by all of us wearing a mask on the playground it will also support our aim to keep us all safe and well.
  3. Only 1 parent is to come on the school site with your child. If you have a child in a junior classroom please let them walk to their classroom on their own ensuring we minimise the adults on site.
  4. If you wish to discuss any matters with your child’s class teacher please do not try and talk to them at the school gate/entrance.  Please email them directly.
  5. If you do not have a push chair or buggy please do not walk back down the ramp. Please leave the school site via the steps which will mean we have a one way system in and out of school.


Where to stand on the playground –

  • Year 4 parents – please stand on the bottom playground keeping your younger children with you at all times. If you are happy for your Year 4 child to leave the school site on their own and walk across the road via Cheryl the School Crossing Warden and meet you on the other side of the road then please inform Miss Cope via email. This will reduce numbers on the playground.
  • Year 2 parents – please wait, keeping your distance, against the fence as you are currently doing.
  •  Year 1 parents –  please stand at the Year 1 ‘corridor door’ and in front of the EYFS classroom so that you are not congregating in a group outside the door.
  •  EYFS Parents  – please wait to collect your child on the playground area at the top of steps.
  • Year 3 families  – please be mindful/respectful, following social distancing guidelines,  and allow children and families to walk by on the pavement.

 We are trying our utmost to mitigate every risk on the playground and in school during lessons and at playtime and lunchtime by keeping them in their own bubbles. We would really appreciate it if you as families could support this when walking to and from school. We acknowledge it may be difficult but we really do not want to have to close a bubble due to an outbreak.


8th October Update

Remote Learning Letter;

2020 10 05 Remote Learning – Letter to Parents (1)





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