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Collective worship

Collective Worship takes place each day and is an important part of the daily routine.

Themes are planned for each week to cover a range of topics and delivered by the senior leadership team, teachers and children.

Themes are based on important values- love, hope, justice, thankfulness, compassion, etc…. They reflect the Christian themes and the teachings of Jesus as well as incorporating stories and messages for other world religions.

Children are encouraged to develop a positive attitude to other people, respecting their right to hold different beliefs for their own and towards living in a society of diverse faiths and religions. The children plan and lead acts of Collective Worship.  See the photos in this link for the Story Of Daniel in the Lion’s Den, reflecting on Justice and whether Daniel received Justice?   Daniel in the Lions Den










Collective Worship Policy can be found here;collective worship




Parents are invited to special times of worship; Mother’s day, Christmas celebrations, Easter and Remembrance.

Breakfast Church at St Oswald’s Breakfast Church July 2018

Look at our photos- How Fabulous!  Breakfast Church at St Oswald 5th July photos

Breakfast Church November 2018 Breakfast Church November 2018

Breakfast Church April 2019 focused on Modern day Slavery and how we can help to raise awareness of this.









Our Collective Worship Team leads collective worship on a weekly basis. Here are some photos of them in action!



Harvest Festival 2019 was organised by  the 2019 Collective Worship Crew! They reflected on the importance of saying ‘Thank you’.

Education Sunday 2018
Education Sunday 2018
Education Sunday 2018
Education Sunday 2018






















In Collective worship we reflect on issues which are impacting on our Global Community. We have been learning all about the Oceans and our Seashore and the impact that plastic has on our world. As a result we have made a Plastics Pledge Our Plastics Pledgedocx  We have Hope that by doing a little bit to support our global community we can make changes to our world. The theme at Breakfast Church in July was all about caring for our world and making changes.

Our collective worship team have become courageous advocates and have been trained as Modern day Slavery Ambassadors. They are Standing Against Slavery.

Modern day slavery newspaper report

The Collective Worship Crew led on Modern Day Slavery and shared with our community at our Breakfast Church (June 2019) all about this. They shared lots of facts and a story about Bruno and Beyoncé(Names have been changed! but a true story!)

Modern Day Anti Slavery



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