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Miss Austin



Hi everyone,

We’ve made it! It’s finally the last week and almost time for a rest over summer. I can’t quite believe it’s got to this point and we haven’t been able to see each other again in our classroom. I never thought when lockdown began that it would be the last time I’d teach you all. Although the end of the year is a bit bittersweet this year, I hope you will be able to join me on Friday for our virtual Year 3 graduation. I’d love to see you all before we break up.

Last week, you were sent your reports which I hope you’re all proud of. I also hope you’ve enjoyed looking through Miss Cope’s transition letter. She will be ringing you all over the course of this week to have a chat about the last few months and how you’re feeling about September.

Remember to keep photographing your work and email them to me and they will be uploaded onto our webpage. Send them to: Your timetable for week 14 of home learning is attached below. It is not quite as busy as previous weeks so enjoy starting to wind down for the beginning of the holidays. We all deserve a break!

Sending hugs to my fab 30! 🙂 I hope to see you on Zoom on Friday but if you can’t make it then have a fabulous summer and I’ll pop up to see you when you’re settled with Miss Cope in September.

Miss A x

home learning week 1

home learning week 2

Easter project

home learning week 3

home learning week 4

good and bad example text

model text

home learning week 5

VE day question_enquiry

VE Day activities EYFS – Y6

adding suffixes revision grid

home learning week 6

Iron man question ideas

lea green style activities

outdoor adventurous activities

home learning week 7

Talk for writing booklet week 7

home learning week 8

Rounders Y3/4 planning

Lesson Presentation Light and Dark

Light Sources Sorting Cards 

home learning week 9

Lesson Presentation Reflective Surfaces

Activity Sheet Testing Reflective Materials

Maths Monday sheet

maths Thursday sheet

SRE programme of lessons summer 20

family tree

SRE babies

SRE different families

Y3 Growing Up – Labelling Bodies Activity Sheet

home learning week 10

Talk for writing booklet week 10

maths Tuesday tables

statistics home learning booklet

statistics home learning booklet answers

Mirrors ppt

map of ashbourne

Year 2 spag mat week 3


home learning week 11

Last night I saw the city breathing poem


Monday maths


tuesday maths

Wednesday maths ppt types of lines

Wednesday maths snap cards

thursday maths

friday maths


Sun Safety powerpoint


year 3 spag mat week 11

Year 2 spag mat week 11

home learning week 12

landmark images tuesday art

parallel and perpendicular lines sheet

wednesday shadow experiment

year 2 spag mat week 12

year 3 spag mat week 12

book review template

comparing angles sheet

home learning week 13

inference picture cards

light activity sheet

Monday maths activity 2 sheet

Monday maths activity 3 sheet

thursday maths modelling shapes challenge cards

transparent, translucent and opaque ppt

tuesday math activity 3 sheet

wednesday maths activity 1 sheet

year 2 spag mat week 13

year 3 spag mat week 13

friday poem and handwriting practise

friday ppt geometry revision

handwriting lines sheet

home learning week 14

monday reading lesson activity 3

week 14 geometry activity booklet

week 14 Mastery maths questions

week 14 talk for writing booklet

– This link will allow you to see the full Year 3 curriculum.

Here is a list of more useful websites and resources to keep you busy:

Miss Austin’s Class (1)  This is the wonderful video which Jacob’s parents very kindly put together for us. If you haven’t seen it, take a look because it is amazing!

Jacob’s colourful graffiti artwork.
Jan busy with his home learning.
Great Maths work Jan!

Theo performing his lockdown poem

A little something from Nancy.

Finnley’s work

Charlie’s jungle log writing.
Cerys’ statistics work.
Hollie’s right-angle finding.

Hollie has been working out with Joe Wicks.
Hollie’s creative writing.
Hollie making treats for her dog.
A great poem about things we’ve missed during lockdown by Hollie.
Jacob has been using stile tiles this week to practise SPaG and time.

Oliver’s mirror image message. You look like you’ve grown so much in this picture!
Kyla’s bar chart – great Maths work!
Kacey has been having fun in the garden. You look like a superhero!
Jacob has been busy with his Talk 4 Writing work and has wrote his jungle log.
Nancy’s fantastic statistics work. I love how you’ve represented the data in so many different ways- well done!

Cerys’ fantastic Banksy style artwork created using a stencil.
Nancy has created a great set of instructions on how to catch a water dragon. The illustration is amazing!


Nancy’s pictogram showing the types of vehicles which drove past her house.
More beautiful artwork from Nancy.
Cerys’ pictogram showing the different animals she saw on her walk.
Dexter has been looking at the architecture in the Alton Towers gardens.

Dexter has been researching his family tree.
Oakley practising his common exception words.
Kyla took part in the spellathon and got 49/50! Well done Kyla, I’m so proud of you!

Jacob has been practising for the Ashbourne Spellathon. He achieved 50/50 and has raised an amazing £125 so far! Amazing work Jacob.
Louie’s act of kindness – reading a story to Charlie. What a great big brother you are!
Jacob unfortunately missed out on his camp this week but instead recreated it in his garden. Those marshmallows look delicious!
Nancy has been creating these great little doodles.

Jacob has been doing his Fractions work – super job 🙂
Charlie has been doing some statistics work and made a graph to show his results.
Theo ran the 5k for the NHS charities this week – a fantastic achievement Theo!
Theo practising his fire lighting skills.
Nancy has been super busy doing loads of outdoor activities just like the things we’d have been doing at Lea Green.

Cerys celebrating VE Day.
Nancy’s picnic menu for VE Day.
Charlie has been writing about whether we should or shouldn’t wear school uniform.
Fabulous writing Nancy about whether we should or shouldn’t have homework.

Oliver has been investigating magnetism. A great experiment!
Jacob has been busy brushing up on his writing skills. He has created his own troll to write an information text about.
Taylor has been baking bread with his family – looks delicious!
6/6 for Nancy on her spellings – super work!
Dexter has been doing some History on VE Day.
Jacob has created a great rhyming poem all about Coronavirus – very creative!
A beautiful piece of embossed metal artwork by Nancy.
Cerys has been busy investigating the best material to make a parachute.

Love your robot Harry. Can’t believe it’s nearly as big as you!
A super project Kyla! Well done 🙂
Nancy has been a busy scientist recording the findings of her investigation. This is a fantastic graph!
What an inventive use of a garden tool Louie! I would’ve never thought of that!
I’m glad to hear you and your Dad had lots of fun on this project Josh, it’s fab!!
I am missing you too Bethany and your wonderful artwork! This picture had made me smile.
Taylor has been busy creating Martin the Metal Man. Keep up the great work Taylor.
More super science from Nancy!

Wow Cerys! The light up eyes are amazing!
This is so creative Nancy – I love it!
The volcano pictures are great everyone! I hope you enjoyed erupting them.

Another great Easter project – well done Theo! I also loved your obstacle course.


Great work Oliver! Looks like you had fun making it 🙂
Well done Jacob! I like how you’ve made use of your Easter egg wrappers.


Some excellent research here Fin – great work!






Playing Molkky- a Finnish outdoor game helping me with my addition!


Year 3

Here is the  long term plan, giving a brief overview of the learning which will be covered in Year 3 over the course of the academic year.

Curriculum map for year 3

This half term our topic will be ‘Tremors.’  Please find below a link to an overview of the learning we are doing across the curriculum this half term.

Below you will find pictures and updates of all of the exciting learning that we have been doing in Year 3.

parents newsletter

term 4 overview

Spellings; We will be issuing your child with a new set of spellings every Friday. They can be found in your child’s spelling book which they will bring home each week. Please ensure they are in school EVERY FRIDAY. Take some time to practise these with your child, little and often is best. There are lots of fun ideas and activities you could use to help with this such as practising in sand or shaving foam, rainbow spellings, pyramid spelling or even have a practise in the condensation at bath time!

Times Tables; Each week your child will have a times or divide table to learn. By the end of Year 3 the expectation is that children will know their x2, x3, x4, x5, x8 and x10 tables and the related division facts. The table your child needs to learn each week will be written in their Reading Record along with their other homework.

Homework; Your child will receive a piece of Maths or English homework on alternate weeks in their CGP booklets. This will always be linked to the learning we have been doing in class. The children will write the page that they need to complete in their reading record every Friday and it should be returned to school by the following THURSDAY so that I can mark it. Please support and encourage your child to do their homework as independently as they can, we are really striving for that independence and personal responsibility now we are Juniors. If you are unsure as to what homework your child needs to be doing there is a notice board outside of the classroom which is updated each week. If you are finding something on your child’s homework difficult please come and speak to me and I can show/explain the best way to support your child.

Reading; Now that your child is in Juniors we will not be listening to them read on an individual basis as often. However, please be assured we will be monitoring the progress of their reading very carefully through activities such as group reading during ERIC time, comprehension activities during ERIC time and discrete English lessons dedicated to developing reading skills. The expectation is that your child still reads for 10 minutes EVERY NIGHT at home. Please record this in your child’s reading record. Your child also has their reading map inside their reading record whereby they can collect rewards and prizes for reading with an adult at home. We will be monitoring how often children are reading at home.

PE Days; Please make sure your child’s PE kit remains in school throughout the half term. Our PE days are as follows; Wednesday morning with Mrs Morgan at the Leisure Centre and on a Monday afternoon in school with myself.

Show and Tell; Each week I will choose one child for Show and Tell. They will bring home a note on a Friday night explaining the task and they can bring in something to share with the class on the following Friday.

School Clubs; If your child is interested in attending any of the school clubs on offer then please see the link on the school website or speak to myself. If we have more interest in clubs that we have space for we will keep the notice boards updated with a list of children who have the first slot and then we will rotate the spaces over the next few half terms so everyone will get a chance to participate.

I will be running Film Club for Year 4, 5 and 6 on Thursday  after school this half term.

Don’t forget to bring a healthy snack for morning break.

Please keep checking the website for notices and to see photographs of the different things we have been learning!


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