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Mr Sears

If you are self isolating due to Covid 19 then here are some fun learning activities you could do with your child.

PE Activities

At St Oswald’s we recognise the importance of keeping children active during these difficult times.  The children won’t only benefit physically but it will support mental health.

Our local School Games network and Active Derbyshire have been working together to create and publish a weekly programme of activities to support families over the next few weeks. 

The weekly activities will be sport themed and include golf, football, tennis, orienteering, athletics, cricket, gymnastics, boccia, netball and badminton.  All activities have been developed so everyone can have ago using equipment found in the home and in whatever space you have available.  Each week we will update the class pages with the new programme for that week.

Derbyshire School Games Cricket Primary

Week 1

Derbyshire School Games Gymnastics Primary- Week 2

Thank you for sending in all your wonderful projects!

Here is all the information you need for Home Learning in Week 14 of the current Lockdown.

Home Learning Week 14

Maths week 14 Lesson 1

Maths week 14 Lesson 2

Maths week 14 Lesson 3

Maths week 14 Lesson 4

English – End of school year booklet

Tuesday Emoji Code Breaker sheet

Thursday and Friday – All About Me Booklet

Year 1 Correct the Spelling Mistakes

Home-learning Week 13

Tim Peake Powerpoint

Maths Week 13 Lesson 1

Maths Week 13 Lesson 2

Maths week 13 Lesson 3

Maths Week 13 Lesson 4

Monday Planets Ordering Sheet

Talk for Writing Booklet Week 13

Home-learning Week 12

Week 12 Talk for Writing Booklet

Maths Week 12 Lesson 1

Maths Week 12 Lesson 2

Maths Week 12 Lesson 3

Maths Week 12 Lesson 4

Tuesday Buggy design sheet

Friday Balloon Rocket Instructions

Home-learning Week 11 Timetable

Maths Week 11 Lesson 1

Maths Week 11 Lesson 2

Maths Week 11 Lesson 3

Maths week 11 Lesson 4

Tuesday Solar System Labelling Sheet

Wednesday Solar System Wordsearch

Wednesday Solar System Read and Colour

Thursday Design Your Own Planet Sheet

Thursday English Character Profile Sheet

Friday Solar System Instructions

Home-learning Week 10

Maths Week 10 Lesson 1 Maths Week 10 Lesson 2

Maths Week 10 Lesson 3

Maths Week 10 Lesson 4

Week 10 Talk for Writing booklet

Neil Armstrong powerpoint

Monday Neil Armstrong fact sheet

Tuesday Timeline Cards to cut and stick

Tuesday Space Travel Powerpoint

Thursday Space Travel Word Challenge

Week 10 Friday Art lesson instructions


Home-learning-week- 9

Maths Week 9 Lesson 1

Maths Week 9 Lesson 2

Maths Week 9 Lesson 3 Maths Week 9 Lesson 4

Week 9 Space Launch Factfile template

Home-learning Week 8

Maths Week 8 Lesson 1

Maths Week 8 Lesson 3 Maths Week 8 Lesson 2

Maths Week 8 Lesson 4

Week 8 Talk For Writing Booklet

Home-learning Week 7

Making of Milton Story PDF

Maths Week 7 Lesson 4

Maths Week 7 Lesson 3


Home-learning-week-5 (3)

t-t-123267-hansel-and-gretel-ebook-pdf (1)



Talk for writing Year 1 Booklet Home Learning

Home learning week 1 Year 1(1)

Home learning week 2 Year 1 (1)

  • Phonics Play online- reading real and nonsense words phase 4 and phase 5 words.
  • Read The Tiger Who came to Tea and sequence the story.
  • Watch Tinga tanga Tales on BBC- Create your own zig zag book of a Tinga Tanga tale.
  • Practice writing Tricky words correctly from all phases (phonics play) 
  • practice the common exception words year 1 2 spellings Use these words to write simple sentences
  • Count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s using the songs from You tube.
  • Understanding of weight, capacity an length, using sand, water and other practical resources (Corbett Maths has videos on this)
  • Research and find out about Big Cats- Tigers, Lions,  Jaguars, panthers, etc… find out facts, which part of the world they are from, what they eat, etc…
  • Plan and make an enclosure for a Big cat using lego, junk modelling, any other construction materials you may have.

You can continue to support your reading at home by using this fabulous website; are lots of e books you can read with questions to answer. These are a great way to share and improve your reading skills at home.

phonics play is a great website to support reading

BBC bitesize supports with reading ideas.

How fantastic Amazon are supporting and providing children everywhere with free audible books!

What imaginary worlds will the stories you listen to take you?

Here is a suggestion to make and Easter Garden over the next couple of weeks. You could even make and Easter Bonnet, or an Easter Card.

Create your own Easter Garden

Joe Wicks has his own You Tube Page and at 9am every morning he will be leading a PE Lesson you can do in your house with your children. Let’s keep as fit and active as we can during this time.

Home Activity Challenges (1) The Schools Sports Partnership have created a fun timetable of different activities you could do at home.

Please find attached the Year One spellings for the next few weeks:

Year One Spellings




Mr. Sears Class

Our topic this term has been ‘Bright Lights Big City’ we have learnt all about cities and compared the countryside to the city. We have developed our knowledge about London, the landmarks and it’s history learning about The Great Fire of London.

We have baked bread, and written instructions, built houses for our Great Fire of London street and tested materials to find out which would be the best one to build Big Ben or London Bridge. we have even performed London’s burning to our families!

Year One made their own cities using construction materials. See if you can spot some London landmarks.

The children enjoyed our visit from Jennifer Jones (the queens advisor). She answered their questions about London and also stayed for a tea party!
In the Autumn term, our topic was all about the weather. The children loved our snowstorm in a jar science experiment.

Below is our topic overview for Spring term 1.

Bright Lights Big City

Below is our curriculum map for the whole year, it highlights what the children are learning at each point in their year.

Curriculum Map for year 1









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