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Curriculum Overview

At St Oswald’s C.E. Primary we aim to provide a curriculum which is broad, well balanced and above all stimulates the children to learn. Through the core values of hope, honesty, perseverance, respect, friendship and forgiveness we have provided a curriculum which enriches their lives, ensuring every child reaches their full potential.

At St Oswald’s we recognise the importance of English and Maths teaching in order to ‘open doors’ to other aspects of the curriculum; ensuring that the basic skills and foundations are taught.

The planning of the curriculum is based around a specific topic which enables our pupils to develop teri knowledge and understanding, widening their vocabulary and becoming fluent within that topic knowledge. All class teachers and subject leaders build upon the core knowledge and skills taught in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Ensuring that this knowledge is skilfully planned to enable pupils to begin to know more and remember more. Planning takes the form of a cross curricula approach where possible teachers make links to English and cores texts. Our Policy which sets out our Curriculum Intent, the Implementation and how we measure Impact can be found here.

Our desire to enrich and enable our children to nurture their talents as the ‘parable of the mustard seed grows into the mighty tree in the Kingdom of Heaven’, we extend opportunities by; forest schools, residential trips, a wide range of sporting events, visiting speakers and dance/drama groups, Artist in residence, music clubs.

We plan for Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development throughout all our topics as well as promoting British values throughout the Curriculum and interweaving our Safeguarding Curriculum raising awareness amongst our children about how to stay safe.