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School Council

The School Council is a group of children who represents the children of their class and who helps make decisions about the wider life of the school. They support Mrs Wood, the Head teacher in making decisions about aspects of the school day which can impact upon the children in the school. Mrs Richmond leads the school council.

Last year the children worked hard on raising awareness of staying safe when travelling to school. They invited the local Police Officer in who talked about Road safety, they invited the School Crossing Patrol Warden in who talked about the importance of staying safe when crossing the road. They also wrote letters to parents to ask them to park more carefully when bringing their children to school.

When a person is elected to the School Council they receive a leaflet explaining what they may be doing. They meet Mrs Richmond and have an initial meeting about the role of a school council member. By being on the school council we are teaching the children about democracy and the rule of law. We are also helping them to learn to be Courageous Advocates for others.

leaflet for childrenleaflet for children

So far this year the children have raised £148 for Macmillan by holding a coffee morning.

We have completed a dinner survey- the results can be found below.