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At St Oswald’s our aim is to nurture the enquiring mind and give children the opportunities to develop their own powers of reasoning. We concentrate on developing skills, attitudes and concepts through children working in small groups. The experiences we present to the children emphasise relevance to their age and previous experience and are marked by balance, continuity, progression and consistency, avoiding repetition. Mrs Higton is the subject lead for Science.

Emphasis in science is placed on the importance of practical activity and the scientific process. Children work individually and in small groups taking full advantage of an extensive range of resources and so are encouraged to understand the importance of systematic enquiry, science in everyday life, scientific ideas and their communication as well as health and safety.

At St Oswald’s we spend time talking to the children about Science.  We know it is important to listen to the children and find out what they enjoy but also ways we can further engage children in Science.

“I love Science lessons especially when we do practical”

“I think we should do more practical and less writing”

“In Science I learnt that babies are born with more born than adults have”

“Before this topic I didn’t know what soluble and insoluble meant”

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to view our Science Policy;

Our School Science Overview and Progression of teaching in Science can be found here;

Fun Websites! 

The following websites may be useful and fun for the children to use;